Magic Junior is a star of the entertainment world and is one of the most in-demand entertainers for corporate or private events, wedding receptions, cocktail and dinner parties, movie premiere parties and tradeshows. Naturally, the show can be personalised and bespoke to highlight a theme or brand, and ensure your event is a huge hit!

Utilizing the subtle science and exact art of psychological influencing, Magic Junior is likely to read your mind, and predict your choices. On occasion there might be some fire magic, pseudo telepathy and telekinesis, astonishing card miracles, alongside making solid objects appear and disappear in full view! Expect yours, your clients’ and guests’ perceptions and perspectives to be warped and turned upside down, with the performance beautifully wrapped in fun, lots of laughter, plenty of intrigue, and a dash of mystery. Everyone present will be talking about your event for weeks to come.

What Our Clients Are Saying


  • "What an amazingly Talented magician... hope to see you again soon!!"
  • "Magic is amazing just experienced it!"
  • "Honestly mind blown! Insanely good and entertaining - you are awesome!"
  • "Truly magical, incredible and on top really great fun! Loved every minute if it!"
  • "This guy just blew my mind. Incredible"

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